The Linnet Independent Learning Centre aims to:

1.    Promote pupils as independent and successful learners (Enjoying and Achieving)

2.    Encourage pupils to be proactive learners who acquire a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment from their achievements (Enjoying and Achieving)

3.    Challenge pupils to be the best they can be, to make good progress in all aspects of their learning and development and to make a positive contribution to the learning communities of which they are a part (Positive Contribution).

4.    Provide an experiential learning environment that reflects the specific needs of each individual pupil, supporting their interests, promoting their engagement and raising their expectations.  (Enjoying and Achieving; Positive Contribution)

5.    Create a learning community in which pupils can learn comfortably alongside and with other children and adults in meaningful contacts and real-life situations (Enjoying and Achieving; Positive Contribution).

6.    Promote healthy living and healthy lifestyles (Being Healthy)